Day 9: Blind faith

Last night, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend almost three hours sitting at a restaurant booth with two wonderful women of God. We told stories of God’s power and shared how He brought us to where we are today.

Long after we had finished nibbling on the remaining scraps of food on our plate, our hearts were pouring forth testimony after testimony of how good our God is.

While all of our conversation was edifying, I was particularly struck by something one of my friends said. While I can’t remember her exact wording, the essence of what she mentioned is captured in the following:

“God has an aerial view of everything. He sees the whole entire picture. We can only see [pointing at the window] a limited view. But God knows it all.”

I’ve heard people say that before, but last night it had an entirely new meaning to me. As I had been telling a women I’m in ministry with about my time in Nottingham so far, I shared how God is teaching me how to be humble.

Even something as seemingly simple as transitioning from a place where I had the freedom to hop in my car and go wherever I needed to having to wait on public transportation and plan my day around it has truly taught me humility.

The more I have been on my own, the more God has revealed Himself to me in a mighty way. Why? Because the more I have been alone in a foreign country, the more I have understood that I cannot do this on my own, the more I have begun to rely on Him and His strength.

I can’t see what exactly is to come because I can only see what’s out of the window beside me. I can either bang on the window with impatience or I can trust that God always has been and always will be faithful (Heb. 13:8).

Hebrews 11:1 reads, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

If we could see everything that would happen in our lives from our conception until our death, where would the need for faith be?

God doesn’t call us to just have faith on the days when we feel like it or when we can see what’s just around the next bend. God calls us to have blind faith.

Faith in His goodness, faith in His ability. Faith in His provision, faith in His constancy.

Blind faith means trusting God even when you can’t see what’s to come and believing that the God who created you will never leave nor forsake you.

This morning in Luke 18, the Holy Spirit really touched me with the story of the blind man calling out to Jesus as He was approaching Jericho.

The man continued crying out, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” In fact, the man was so persistent that people were trying to shush him as they didn’t want Him bothering Jesus.

But he wouldn’t stop pressing in and calling out, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Verse 40 begins with the beautiful and challenging words, “And Jesus stopped . . .”

Oh, to have such faith in God! Even when people were telling him to be quiet and pushing him to the side, the blind man knew what Jesus was capable of. He had a blind faith in Jesus, that although He couldn’t see what He was going to do, the man had an expectancy that He was going to do something.

And guess what? Jesus stopped! When we call out to Him in faith and persistence, He hears us!

Contrary to the protests of our flesh, we don’t have to know everything that our future holds because we serve a mighty God that holds our future. Stop beating on the glass and bidding God to open your window a crack so you might see more of what’s to come. Just trust Him to guide you in His ways.

I pray today that you ask God what is keeping you from having a blind faith in Him. Is it fear, doubt, discouragement, past experiences? Whatever the stumbling block might be, ask that God would give you His strength to overcome it! The enemy loves having any sort of foothold he can get, and if you give Him an inch He will take a mile.

Just give it all back to Him because His plan for our lives is so much better than anything we could ever design. And when worries threaten to quench the fire in your spirit, cry out to Jesus “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Video of the Day: Mercy – Phil Wickham

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