Day 15: Why do you weep?

Luke 19:41

“When He approached Jerusalem, He saw the city and wept over it,”

Jesus was sitting upon the colt that would take Him into Jerusalem and begin His journey to the cross when he saw His beloved city and wept over it.

In this verse, we can begin to sense the depth of Jesus’ heart for this city and for this people. When Jesus looked out across Jerusalem, He didn’t just see buildings and populations…He saw burdens and potentials.

As I walked around a different part of Nottingham last night, I felt the Lord stirring a passion in my heart. Inside of the buildings are people and within each person is a soul. A soul that God desires a relationship with and that Jesus died and rose again to pursue.

Brothers and sisters, our heart should break for the condition of the world around us. People are broken and hurting, and all too often we turn our faces from this difficult truth because it makes us uncomfortable.

I struggled with something I felt the Lord calling me to do, and I realized that the reason I was battling this thing so diligently was because I was viewing the situation through a lens of selfishness.

We are all guilty of preferring the comfortable over the challenging and the selfish over the selfless. It’s the natural instinct of the flesh to want to choose what requires the least of us, but God has called us to much more.

Instead of allowing worry for ourselves to dictate our daily decisions, I pray right now that the Lord convicts our hearts to weep for the city around us. Wherever we are, God has put us there for a purpose.

Allow yourself to be broken so that God might bring about healing through you. In our weakness, He is strong. When we feel like we can’t go forward, Jesus holds His hand out and offers to walk with us.

In closing, I urge you not to leave the situation at weeping. Jesus went in to the city of Jerusalem.

Don’t succumb to the weight of brokenness, but be willing to take action for the Kingdom of God on behalf of your zeal for redemption.

He will guide you and give wisdom. All we must do is humble ourselves and ask.

One thought on “Day 15: Why do you weep?

  1. Wow,right on time message like normal :). I had plans to go straight home last night after work, but he urged me to step out and do something I didn’t want to. This time I followed through and was so blessed afterwars–God is so good!

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