Day 28: Unprepared and unequipped

Do you ever feel as though you are randomly thrown into a situation you feel neither prepared nor equipped for?

Here you are, just going about your business as usual, when all of a sudden you are knee-deep in an encounter you have not scheduled in your diary.

When our daily routine or our future plans are somehow skewed, if you are anything like me, you are prone to sink into a sort of slump.

Something like this did happen to me. This morning. At 8am. While I was still in my Batman pajamas. (No shame.)

I had set two alarms to wake up knowing that I would silence the 7:30 one as soon as I heard the first beat of ‘Cheerleader’. The peppy song was chosen as an encouragement to get me out of bed with a little more ease, however it has yet to accomplish that mighty task as of yet.

So, when this loud and obnoxious siren-like thing starts blaring in my room before my second alarm has gone off, you could say I was a tad bit thrown off-course.

I hurried to try and defog my clouded, morning, not-functioning-too-well brain and get shoes and a jacket on. I peeked out of my door to see if people were actually leaving the flat or not.

They were. Grumbling to myself as I attempted to form a coherent thought, I slipped out the door in flip-flops, bedhead, and half-closed eyes.

I was not alone in this awkward and annoying situation. Hundreds of people were standing outside of the building, some looking rather glamorous while others (like me) looked like they had been startled awake. Which we had.

In 1 Samuel 21, we join David on his journey from the courts of Saul to Nob, a small town just north of Jerusalem. Saul in his vehemence desired nothing more than to kill David once and for all, but with the help of Jonathan, Saul’s son, David was able to flee Saul’s presence with his life.

Now, as he entered this priest-inhabited city, David ate of the consecrated bread and was given the sword of Goliath, the giant he had slain.

In verse 10, however, we read that “David arose and fled that day from Saul, and went to Achish king of Gath.”

Stop for a moment and think about that.

David, after eating of the bread of the Presence of the Lord and being given the sword of his former nine-foot tall foe, fled to the very kingdom Goliath hailed from.

David had been satisfied with the food of the Lord and had been given a great defense in the sword of Goliath, and yet we see him taking a massive step in the wrong direction.

The man who had been sung about in the streets of Israel as having “slain his ten thousands” was going into the city where many of his victims had once lived.

Like me, when David was thrown into a desperate situation, he didn’t seem to have his wits about him.

I can almost see his eyes darting around as he ate the bread, waiting for a messenger of Saul to approach him. I can just picture David fingering the hilt of Goliath’s sword as he steps into the kingdom of Gath, his heart racing a thousand miles an hour.

In his fear of being killed, David pleaded insanity and “let saliva run down into his beard.” (1 Sam. 21:13)

When we are thrown into a new situation in which we feel as though we have no control and we can sense panic beginning to rise and muddle our thoughts, I pray that we immediately turn to God.

Life isn’t always just a simple, hassle-free walk through the lilies. There will be days and circumstances where you feel as though being reckless is the only option, but I implore you to seek the wisdom and counsel of the Lord.

Do not wait for the alarm to begin sounding for you to try and formulate a plan of action because I can guarantee you that in that moment, you will not be thinking straight. Your senses will be hazy and your judgement compromised. (I mean, I was even considering just sitting on my bed until the alarm stopped buzzing.)

Be filled with the satisfaction of the Lord’s guidance and take up a defense against the flesh and the enemy. And wait on God.

Please, do not try to figure everything out on your own. It will only lead to exhaustion, frustration, and a path of freshly-paved mistakes. Trust God to lead you in the way everlasting.

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