Day 32: Good things take time

If the ground hadn’t been so slick with rain, I would have run. I would have humbled myself and full-out sprinted to my heart’s destination. No shame or second guesses.

I saw what I wanted, what I needed, and I was going after it.

The closer I drew, the more I felt a sense of relief. I hadn’t expected him to wait this long. It was seven minutes past the appointed time, but there he sat.

People naturally flocked to him, a line forming outside his door.

“I have time,” I thought to myself as I tried to push my short legs into second gear. I wasn’t trying to bust my tail, but I wasn’t about to miss this opportunity either.

I had crossed to his side of the road, made eye-contact, and watched as he pulled away, taking with him my hopes and dreams.

I was absolutely crushed.

I had missed my bus back home.

Yes, I’m being slightly melodramatic. But when public transportation is all you’ve got and it’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside and pouring rain, it can be an incredibly disheartening thing to miss your ride.

The next bus wouldn’t be there for another 30 minutes, so that left me standing in the cold and the wet trying to keep my backpack as dry as possible. Of all the days to bring my laptop into town.

My first instinct was to be frustrated. With the driver. Not having a car. My stubborn insistence to never sit down and learn the bus times.

I could’ve been on the way home where coffee and warm socks awaited me, but instead I was stuck outside in the elements.

Naturally, my initial inclination was to be angry and disappointed. But I knew another bus was coming. Yes, I would have to wait a little longer than I had hoped, but I would appreciate the travel a lot more than if I had caught the other one by the skin of my teeth.

Genesis 29:20 reads, “So Jacob served seven years for Rachel and they seemed to him but a few days because of his love for her.”

Now, if you know the story you know Jacob was deceived by his father-in-law Laban who had promised Rachel to Jacob but gave him Leah instead.

Talk about a dishonor.

Jacob could’ve handled this situation in a multitude of ways, but his response is absolutely amazing. He was angry, but Scripture tells us that Jacob worked another seven years to secure the hand of the woman he loved.

I’m not glorifying Jacob’s marriages as he isn’t the greatest role model for husbands, but I am encouraged by his patience.

You see, if I’m being completely honest, patience is not one of my spiritual gifts. It doesn’t come naturally to me. At all. I see what I want, and I want to go after it.

Pardon my zeal, but that’s who I am.

Slowly but surely, the Lord has been teaching me the beauty of the wait. It doesn’t have to be the punishment I so often make it out to be.

For Jacob, the wait of seven years seemed like nothing to him because he was so in love with Rachel.

**[Dear future husband, please don’t take seven years! ;)]

To Jacob, the end result was worth the time and effort invested. Rachel was worth it. Being secured the woman of his dreams was his motivation to get out of bed day after day and labor. The thought of being with her silenced his tongue when he could’ve lashed out at his father-in-law.

Jacob was driven by love, and because of that he waited with expectancy and hope.

When we are that desperately in love with God, our perspectives will undergo a drastic transformation. No, the career change or the beginning of a relationship may not happen in our ideal timing, but it will happen in God’s perfect timing.

And I can assure you, it will be worth the wait. God’s best is so much better than we could ever imagine.

We must be willing to change our attitudes and to view things from a Godly perspective. There’s a reason for your delay right now. Trust Him. His plans for you are to prosper and protect you, to give you hope and a future (Jer. 29:11).

You can imagine that by the time my bus arrived some half-hour later that I could’ve danced in excitement (had my feet not been frozen stiff.) But seriously. I remember thinking that this was a finer vessel than any fancy car or white horse.

Had I been able to hop on the first one that came, I can guarantee you my attitude would have been different. I would have snagged a ride all on my own strength. But in the other situation, I stepped onto the bus with humble appreciation.

The wait had changed me.

Lord, I come to you today with the petition You continue to change my heart to reflect &our righteousness. It’s so easy to get caught up in the wait that I forget You, the sovereign Creator, know my heart better than I ever could. Help me to align my heart with Your’s and help me adopt a new Godly perspective. Give me a patience and a trust. Humble my spirit and teach me to hope in You. You have not forgotten nor forsaken me, and You never will. Thank You for who You are, sweet Jesus. Amen. 

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