Day 39: Sharing the load

I have, as of late, come to the unfortunate realization that I am not Batwoman.

I know the typical expression would have another superhero listed, but as Batman is my favorite, I figured a substitution was appropriate.

Try as I might, I don’t have the ability to be several places at once. There are a myriad of things I would like to do, but time and humanity restrict me from doing it all.

This week I have had to attend multiple seminars and while they have been informative and enjoyable, they have also dictated the open slots in my schedule. For the first time in a while, I have had to pick and choose what to do.

The things I wanted to dedicate my time fully to were only getting a fraction of my attention. My writing and my Bible study were being neglected in sway of these various events I had to take part in.

I think we can all say we’ve been there at one point or another.

We feel as though we have to do everything in and of ourselves. If we miss one thing, all the earth will implode on itself and we will be to blame.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being involved and having a desire to serve, there is a problem when you begin to take so much upon yourself and are spread so thin that you don’t have time to focus on what God has called you to do.

In Exodus 18 we see where Moses has taken the initiative to listen to the disputes and judge the conflicts of the people. While this was a good thing in and of itself, it became a burden to Moses who was bearing all that weight on his own two shoulders.

In different seasons of our lives we will face various amounts of business, some of which we can do nothing about. But more often than not we, like Moses, are burying ourselves with unnecessary stress.

We don’t have to carry the burden alone. Moses’ father-in-law suggested to Moses that he find other godly men amongst the people and assign them the task of handling the minor disputes This way, Moses would be able to focus his attention on the larger cases but even more importantly, the coming Law of the Lord.

Let me encourage you to check your schedule and pray for wisdom. Are you spending more of your time doing this and that or are you focusing your attention on what God has called and prepared you for?

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