Day 49: To the brim

Whenever I go to Caffe Nero, the barista behind the counter will always ask “Do you want milk?”

As my answer is always no,  I know what to expect when they hand me my cup. It will be filled to the brim.

The reason they ask if you want milk is to know whether or not you need extra space at the top to pour it in. When you don’t have milk, they themselves will fill the cup to the brim with the coffee. It implies a confidence that nothing more needs to be done for this cup to be ready for service.

In John 2, we experience the first miracle of Jesus in John’s gospel. With His followers, Jesus was invited to attend a wedding in Cana. When the wine eventually ran out, Mary Jesus’ mother, asked for His help.

Although He told her his time had not come, Mary went ahead and told the servants at the wedding to do whatever it is Jesus asked of them.

So when Jesus in verse 7 tells the servants to fill the water jugs, I find it moving that the servants filled the jugs to the very brim.

Mary’s confidence in Jesus had influenced their own. They obeyed His instruction with expectation that He wouldn’t need room at the top to work with. Whatever He said, He could do without their manipulating the situation any.

The servants had to have done this task so many times they had lost count. But when Jesus asked them to repeat this once more, they didn’t go and fulfill the task halfheartedly. No, they did His will to the fullness that they could.

They weren’t returning with half-filled jugs. If anything, their jugs would be running over with water. They expected Jesus to move.

Friends, today my prayer is that we enter into the throneroom of Jesus Christ and God the Father with the very same expectation. That bold confidence that He will move on behalf of His people and that He alone possesses the power to change our situation.

He may not form wine out of your water situation in the way you hoped or the way you had planned. But His ways are so much higher than our own, and you can trust that His ways are greater than ours. We may not understand why He asks a certain thing of us, but we need to believe that He is good and good to us.

So when you feel God telling you to do something, go and fill your jug to the brim. Obey in confident assurance and watch the Lord of Lords move!

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