Day 55: The word of the woman

If I’ve learned anything from my time in Nottingham so far it would be that transparent living is really the best way to do life.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and partaking in honest and vulnerable conversations where friends choose to speak the truth in love rather than settling for saying what the other person wants to hear.

When I went dress shopping a few weeks ago with a couple friends, I was able to experience firsthand what honest friendship looked like. It was a simple situation and not one that could warrant much offence but still. I couldn’t help but appreciate the help I received from both of the girls.

When I would pick something up, they would either say “yea” or “nay”. There were a lot more of the “nay’s” than I would care to admit, but once I eased my pride some, I began to better appreciate their input.

If it hadn’t been for their help, it may have taken me far longer to find something and that something wouldn’t have pleased me as much as the outfit we finally agreed upon.

The main issue people (including myself) can have with transparent living is the numerous and almost guaranteed shots at your pride. If you’re anything like me, pride can be a bit of a struggle to rein in. Even when people are right and are trying to help, pride can come and rear its ugly head in the situation.

What I absolutely love about the story of the woman at the well is that even after the Lord has told her of her sins, reminding her of her need for a Savior, she didn’t get defensive and bare her claws. Instead, she dug deeper.

She wanted to know more about the Living Water Jesus was telling her about. She was amazed that He knew so much about who she was and the sin she had lived in and yet He hadn’t condemned her.

The woman had came to the well to fill up a waterpot, but Scripture tells us in verse 28 that the woman left her waterpot and went into the city.

Because of her encounter with Christ, her whole mission in life had changed because she had been changed.

I truly believe that we were meant to live in honest communion with one another as believers. How can we say we love someone and yet not help them realize their full potential?

Rather than being offended when a friend tries to guide you in honest love, humble yourself and see they care for you.

When God changes the plans you had set for yourself, you don’t have to shake your fist at the sky and demand a reason. You just have to trust that He has a greater plan for you.

You see, in verse 39 we read “From that city many of the Samaritans believed in Him (Jesus) because of the word of the woman who testified.”

Her encounter with Jesus had been edifying and educational. The woman allowed the conviction of the Living God to subdue her pride and transform her into a mouthpiece for the Gospel.

People believed because she shared her experience with others. She didn’t allow shame or embarrassment to shut her up, but rather drew on the power of the Truth to go into her city boldly.

Yes, she was broken. But her spirit had been made whole.

Yes, she had fallen. But the Shepherd had lifted her up.

Pride could’ve hindered her, but humility saved her.

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