Day 56: Eat its fruit

I believe there is something about a new year, something hopeful and expectant.

In front of us seems to be a clean slate, a chance to begin anew. Like many others, I chose to make a list of 22 (plus one bonus) goals I have set for myself this 2017 year. Some of them are going to be a little more difficult than others to obtain, but they remain one of my ambitions nonetheless.

While this list primarily contains things I would like to do in regards to travelling or transitioning into adulthood post-graduation, I have a spiritual list in the process of being made.

I didn’t want to set such high expectations for myself spiritually that I felt overwhelmed or that I was constantly being self-assessed in my relationship with Christ. I wanted whatever I felt compelled to begin doing this year to be guided by the Holy Spirit. I wanted this to be a natural, but challenging, progression of my spiritual journey with the Lord.

One of the things I have realized the importance of time and time again is the ability to control the tongue. Yes, that can mean the physical tongue but that can also apply to words texted on a phone or typed in an email.

Oh, many of us can “control” our tongue by keeping ourselves from actually saying something aloud, but yet we allow our minds to run rampant with thoughts of negativity and condemnation.

Refraining from cruel or bitter speech is great, but God isn’t pleased when our thought-life is replete with anger and spite. He sees and hears what’s really in our hearts and minds.

As Proverbs 18:21 reads, death and life are in the power of the tongue. What you say can have a major effect on people. Please think about that.

You don’t have to carry a concealed weapon to inflict extreme damage on those around you. And yourself.

While a lot of us know firsthand the negative power of discouraging words, I really want to focus on thought-life today. Someone can speak negativity to you, and those words will probably hurt more than you’d care to admit. Especially when coming from someone you trust.

But right then and there, we must make the choice to take those words captive. Negativity may have been spoken at us, but we can stop those words right in their tracks.

Words, no matter what stage of transmission they’re at, hold the power of life and of death. If you dwell on the death someone has spoken over you, you are allowing the enemy to run rampant through your life and plunder all the good. You are giving him a free pass to destroy as he pleases.

Rather than giving him that foothold, today I encourage you to fight back. The best way to bring the enemy to his knees and expose him for the fraud he is? Praise.

No, you may not feel like it. But guess what? Feelings are unreliable. If you want to speak life into your own life, flood yourself with the immaculate presence of the Lord. Worship Him! Don’t you know that His praises are the most life-giving words you could ever speak?

No matter what you say, there will be fruits of the tongue that come forth in your life. They may be good or bad, life-giving or death-bringing. Everything we say will have to be eaten by us.

All the fruit produced by the harvest of our thought-life will too have to be eaten.

We cannot forever run from past hurt or guilt. Pray today that the Lord would not only help us refrain from speaking death but keep from thinking death too.

Romans 8:5-6 reads as following:

5 For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

6 For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,

2 thoughts on “Day 56: Eat its fruit

  1. Thanks Ashley, your devotions
    are so inspirational! This one
    was some great advise to start
    the New Year! I Love You and am
    Praying daily for you and your
    family…May God richly bless
    you this year! ❤️🙏


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