Day 73: Is the Lord’s power limited?

I am an Israelite.

No, not in ancestry but in attitude.

In fear and in faithlessness.

God had imparted ten plagues on the Egyptians for their refusing to let His people, the Israelites, go. He had wooed them out of slavery with promises of a holy land, an inheritance.

Yahweh had parted the Red Sea for them, guided them through the night with a pillar of fire and through the day with a pillar of cloud.

He provided water for them from rocks and caused manna to fall from Heaven. Time and time again God displayed His faithfulness to the people. Time and time again He proved He would provide for His children.

And yet they still wanted more. Dissatisfaction still gnawed at their hearts and anxiety at their spirits.

“We want meat.” They cried to God as He was leading them to a place flowing with milk and honey. “No, God. We want meat now.”

Their hope was set in their hunger. If their stomachs could be satisfied than surely all would be made right.

Oh how wrong they were.

Moses cried out to God saying, “What have I done to deserve this complaining people? How I am to give over 600,000 meat?”

God had already promised He would provide meat, and that with such abundance that it would become loathsome to the people.

If they would have just waited a little bit longer, had they trusted that God would bring them to the place of promise in due time, then they could have saved themselves a lot of stress and heartache.

But aren’t we so important? Doesn’t God know we are on a time-frame, that we have relationships we want to start and projects to complete sooner rather than later.

When we start questioning God’s power, we also start questioning God’s authority. And when we begin to question God’s sovereignty, we are opening ourselves up to a hard lesson in humility.

The Lord asked Moses in verse 23, “Is My power limited?” Because that’s exactly what Moses and the Israelites were putting on the stand when they demanded meat. They were doubting God’s ability.

Don’t you know how much He wants to fight for us? Don’t you realize that He has provided and will continue to provide for you while you walk in His will? Don’t you see He is feeding you the manna to prepare you for the harvest?

Stop rushing Him. Quit rushing God and questioning His power. Silence the boast of pride that longs to control your thought-life. Take captive your fears and your doubts, exchange them for God’s peace and comfort.

He is guiding you. He is teaching you.

But these things are a process. They require time. They require nurturing. They require humility.

Stop begging for meat when He has given you manna and the promise of more.

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