Day 75: He is I AM

As I read through John 8 this morning, I realized how quick I was to judge the Pharisees.

“If I had been them,” I thought to myself. “Surely, surely I would have believed Jesus was the Son of God without requiring a million questions of Him.”

Jesus’ main argument in this particular passage of Scripture was that He was sent by the Father and for the Father. He was the sent Messiah, fully God and fully man.

The Pharisees wouldn’t hear any of it. They had shut their ears to the truth, and instead they were filling their heads with the lies of their father, the devil.

For every truth Jesus spoke, the Pharisees worked to negate Him. They were intent on denying the greatest reality of who Jesus was (and is): the Son of God.

In conclusion to the discourse, Jesus tells the Pharisees in verse 58 “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I AM.”

The Pharisees were so enraged by this assertion that they picked up stones to throw at Jesus. They were going to stone Him. How dare He make such a statement?! They thought in their fleshly minds.

I want you to grasp the fullness of what Jesus said to the Pharisees that day over two thousand years ago. Before Abraham, the patriarch of the nation of Israel, was even born, Jesus was.

I AM implies that He always was and always will be. There is eternity in His being.

Before the concept of time was even configured in the divine mind of our God, Jesus was still on the throne. Long after this world and all of its faults pass, Jesus will yet be on the right hand of the Father.

The Pharisees’ hearts were hardened against excepting this truth. Even now it seems too great to comprehend.

While we may not doubt that Jesus is I AM, I believe we do often struggle with applying that aspect of His character to our lives. We forget that while we were in our mother’s wombs, He knew us (Psalm 139:13). We overlook that He cares about us enough to know how many hairs are on our heads (Luke 12:7). We don’t acknowledge the truth that not only does He love us enough to take a criminal’s death on the cross but to also conquer death and give us the promise of a future with Him in heaven (John 14:1).

He is eternal, Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end. Time bows at His throne, it is subject to His divine leadership and council. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).

Today, I want us to truly check our hearts. Are we living as though we believe in the transcendent power and timeless goodness of our God, or are we still living under the deception that He doesn’t know what’s best for us.

Since He was before all, don’t you think He sees the whole motion picture of your life rather than just the snapshot we are afforded? Don’t you believe that He cares enough for you to give you a hope and a future?

My heart overflows with the joy of knowing He is I AM and that no thing, not even time, can ever change who He is. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Pray that He would cleanse your heart and to open your heart to His goodness.

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