Day 90: Working with a weapon

For every spiritual high there seems to be a low soon after. You feel as though God has spoken to you through the power of His Word or through a prophesy spoken over you, and yet even after you’ve talked it up and given everything back to God, the very next day you find yourself in a riff, a valley you just can’t seem to find the way out of.

And it’s exhausting.

You want to honor the Lord with your life, and you desire to follow His will in all your ways, so when the spiritual warfare kicks into high gear you feel like a failure, like somehow your weakness has let God down.

We keep working and working, tirelessly putting our best foot forward to try and please God. We want to walk in His promises and live as believers of His goodness and His power.

But the issue arises when we come to the realization that we are working with two hands.

In Nehemiah 4, enemies of the Lord and of the Israelites rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem came prepared to discourage and dismantle the builders. They knew the sheer immensity of what reconstructing the wall meant for the kingdom of darkness, and they weren’t pleased to find people boldly going about the Lord’s business.

Sanballat and the wealthy men of Samaria were conspiring together about how they might attacks the Jews. They couldn’t have the wall rebuilt, imagine what kind of ideas the Jews might get if this attempt was successful.

They would be dangerous. They would disrupt the plans of the enemy.

Knowing that these men were scheming in opposition to the Jews, Nehemiah said to the people in chapter 4 verse 14, “Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”

Nehemiah reminded the people who they were fighting for and Who was fighting for them. His encouragement was enough to spur the people on, but that wasn’t where it ended. All of us know that a kind word can truly set us back on the right path and encourage us to go forward, but in a battle of our minds, we don’t need to be left vulnerable.

So, in verse 17 we see where the people worked with one hand and carried a weapon with the other.

It’s not enough just to keep working. We are in a war with the enemy of our souls, and a war requires weapons. You can guarantee the enemy will use whatever he can against you–deceit, doubt, work trouble, family issues, change, etc. He knows where you weakness is, and he will take advantage of that.

While we work for God, I encourage you to work with a weapon.

We have prayer, the Bible, God’s spoken word, His promises to pierce the evil one with every time he tries to weasel his way into our minds.

Instead of letting him gain ground by being discovered unprepared, always be ready and expectant. Keep your eye turned toward the cross and know your labor for the Lord is not in vain. Be wary of subtle warfare and don’t be afraid to flash your sword and spear, declaring you are not a victim but you are victorious.

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