Day 91: Let God be God

Life is complicated, and our emotions are even more complex.

At one moment you think you’re in control of what you feel, and the next you begin to wonder how you got to that point. Stress, uncertainty, the unknown, and worry saturate our spirits and gnaw away at our strength.

Honestly, I find myself asking for God’s strength several times across the day. Being in such a place of transition, I need God’s stability to keep walking. I need His eyes to see what I can’t with my own.

I need Him. Moment by moment, second by second, I need Him.

And the closer I walk with Him, the more He makes me aware of a simple but life-changing fact: He is God; I am not.

For a long time I brushed over that thought. Obviously, He’s God and I’m not. But often my thought-life contradicted what I thought I believed.

If I knew in my spirit that God was God, I wouldn’t try to bear the weight of the future on my own feeble shoulders. I wouldn’t try to take back what I had surrendered to God. Because if I knew that God was God my life would reflect this foundational belief. In all seasons, in every situation.

2 Corinthians 4:7 tells us that we are frail. Humans were not designed to be God’s equal and we never will be. And thank God for that!

He, the Creator of all things and in Whom all things find their being, takes our lives and exchanges death and fear for life and strength. God equips us with faith where there was doubt, and opportunity where there was loss. Grace for our garbage and hope for our helplessness.

All He asks is that we walk in obedience and allow Him to be God in our lives.

We don’t have to put on these false airs of righteousness or being without worry because I guarantee you these pillars will crumble and fall. But God will never fail. He is our strong tower, our refuge in times of trouble. The Holy Spirit He has given to dwell inside of us is our Helper and our Comforter. In Him we have fullness and we are made whole.

Let His surpassing greatness permeate every single facet of our lives and watch how He opens doors. He will not leave us, and He will not forsake us. We are of His flock, and He calls us His own.

Today I want to encourage us to pray in faith and ask God to infuse our weakness with His might. The future may seem intimidating and our vision may appear impossible, but God is able.

So, let God be God and let yourself be you.

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