Day 92: Different calling, same Caller

As I was getting ready this morning, I turned on a podcast from a woman speaker I was recently introduced to.

She was speaking on Luke 1 where Elizabeth, a woman who was advanced in years and barren, was appointed by God to be the mother to the John the Baptist. This is the very same man whom Jesus would refer to as greatest among those born of women (Matthew 11:11a).

Elizabeth’s circumstances were unfavorable and the situation seemed impossible. How could she ever conceive? Sure, the desire was in her heart, and the Bible refers to her as a woman righteous in the eyes of God.

But still, how could she conceive? The odds were not in her favor.

And by the world’s standards, the situation certainly seemed ridiculous and Elizabeth’s hopes futile.

Even so, Scripture tells us that Elizabeth conceived and gave birth to a son named John. God had called her to this position, to be the mother of Jesus’ forerunner, and it didn’t matter what the world or even Elizabeth thought was possible because God transcends all.

He had called her to this destiny, and He would bring it about in His perfect and holy timing.

Some days I find myself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the future. I know what the Lord has called me to, but even with that confirmation I struggle to understand how or when. I try to figure everything out, and I end up talking myself out of a blessing because what could I contribute to the Kingdom of God? How could my passions and talents make a dent in the domain of darkness? What sets me apart for this?

And then I hear the story of Elizabeth and my heart is refreshed, my spirit reminded of an important truth: We have a different calling, but we have the same Caller.

God designed us with unique and special talents for a purpose. He doesn’t equip us with these gifts and then think, “On second thought, let’s just forget about it. Go on with your life, and we’ll see about this later.”

The Lord we serve isn’t changeable, and He isn’t struck with surprise by what our hearts seek to pursue in our walk with Him. He knows what He has called us to, and He knows the ministry He has placed on each of our hearts.

Today I feel the Lord wanting to remind us that He hasn’t appointed us for the fun of it, and He hasn’t anointed us to give us false hope. Like Elizabeth, He has called us.

We may not understand the in’s and out’s of how this will come into being or how His will will manifest itself in our lives, but we can trust in His faithfulness. When you see those around you stepping into destiny and being blessed, I encourage you to rejoice with them. Your time will come. Meanwhile, trust that God is growing and preparing you in this season.

We all possess a different calling, but we all serve the same good, faithful Caller.

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