Day 95: Finding peace in the present

We look toward the future, and we shudder.

We think on the past, and we cringe.

By mentally and emotionally transporting ourselves out of the present, we are absent to living life in the fullness God intended. We actually risk drowning out His voice with the persistent plaguing of our mind’s own interpretation of what has happened and what may come.

We attempt to box God in with our speculations and predictions for the future. We limit God’s moving in our hearts by dwelling in a place of regret and frustration in retrospect.

Friends, I know from personal experience just how destructive this is. I can trace a thread through my life of my attempts at controlling the future by futilely striving to remedy the past. I see my mistakes, and I try to fix them. I get hurt, so I build a wall. I don’t like what God is telling me, so I listen to something else.

I am guilty of binding myself in chains. Yes, the enemy of my soul helps further entangle me. But truly, the fault lies on me. I don’t live in the present, so how can I expect to live in His presence?

God is here, and He is now.

Proverbs 3:17 talks about wisdom in this way:

“Her ways are pleasant ways And all her paths are peace.”

When we seek God’s ways and authentically acknowledge Him, He will make our paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

But this requires deep and honest, raw and vulnerable introspection. You have to be transparent with God, and you have to be truthful with yourself. There is no place for untruths in wisdom. We can’t decipher the voice of God if we are drowning beneath the weight of our own perspectives.

And when you realize just how much life you have missed out on and how much time you have dedicated to this exhausting and unfulfilling chase, you may find yourself feeling shameful, discouraged.

Don’t. Wisdom is all about allowing God to teach you from your past to help you trust Him for the future so that you may live in the now. It’s a learning process, and while we should strive to honor God with our lives, we must also remember that only in His strength can we truly live.

Proverbs 3:7 warns us not to be wise in our own eyes.


Because our wisdom is not wisdom. It’s is man’s failed and fallen interpretation of wisdom and it only ends in pain and suffering. The wisdom of God does not make us immune to trials of this world, but it does equip us with the leadership of the Holy Spirit to light our path and guide us on the journey.

The wisdom of God is pleasant, and it is a promise of His peace.

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