Day 96: Peter, the fisherman

Lately, I have felt the Lord pressing the character of Simon Peter on my heart. Growing up in church, I was familiar with the overarching contribution of Peter to the Gospel. He was one of Jesus’s twelve, and he was the disciple to step out on the water and sink.

Sure, I knew Peter.

But as I began to dig into who Peter was, the more I realized how similar we are.

This week, I want to go through the “Process of Peter”. I want us to walk through the ministry He had under the leadership of Jesus. I want us to delve into who Peter was before Jesus, with Jesus, and after His death and resurrection.

The way we are introduced to the person of Peter is in Matthew 4:18 where we learn he was a fisherman named Simon who went by Peter and worked with his brother. Nothing exceptional about Peter.

He was a man who worked with what he had. Day after long, hot day, he was in the sea fishing. From sunup to sundown, he was working and waiting, sitting in a boat, anticipating what was to come.

Then one day, Jesus walked by and everything changed. An encounter with the Savior on the shore was enough to pull him from all he had ever known and jump in fully-clothed.

What I love about Peter is his passion for Christ. Scripture tells us they dropped what they were doing and followed Jesus.

Peter may not have had an exciting or incredible career, but he was faithful with what he had. And when Jesus called him out, Peter didn’t hesitate to say “Yes, Lord” and go. There were no excuses involved, no “if”, “how”, or “what”. He just did what the Lord said.

Today, I feel the Lord speaking to my heart about Peter the fisherman, or Ashley the writer, Emily the student, Katie the graduate assistant. Whatever your situation may be, I want you to put your name in the place of “Peter” and your occupation in the space of “fisherman”.

God is calling You the ______ today to be faithful with what He has given you, to be a steward of the gifts He has given you. Not in the future, not later on when you feel like it, but today. You may think your job is fruitless, a passionless waste of time or an exhausting 40-hour workweek, but I want to tell you Jesus is teaching you in this moment. How could Peter have ever imagined that Christ would turn him from a fisherman to a fisher of man?

When Christ walks by, everything changes, but if your attitude is self-focused, you’ll miss it! When He sees you being faithful right where you are, day after same old day, week in and week out, He will honor you.

And when He calls, are we willing to go? Peter got up and left everything behind. Are we willing to leave what we know to follow Christ, or are we so caught up in moaning and complaining about our situation that we miss Him as He walks by? That we don’t hear him when He tells us to stop what we’re doing and follow Him?

My prayer is that like Peter the fisherman, we are faithful in our here and now and that our hearts are receptive to the call of Christ.

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