Day 100: Peter, the writer

The fisherman.

The obedient.

The passionate.

The beholder

And now Peter, the writer.

Peter didn’t wake up one day spiritually mature and ready to write the two God-inspired letters he did. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, an instant happening.

While we haven’t delved into the entire story of Peter this week, we have seen him on the mountain, and we have watched him in the valley. He, just like us, had his moments of zeal-driven glory in the Lord and his moments of doubt and regret.

Even though he fell, God still used him and not just in some minuscule way. Peter wrote. He shared what he had learned with others. He didn’t keep the news of Christ to Himself. The man who denied Jesus three days before His crucifixion was the same man who penned two powerful letters we find in our Bible.

Our past neither qualifies nor disqualifies us from the service of God. It is by grace alone that we are saved and able to serve.

In Matthew 5:48 Jesus tells the crowds to be perfect as their heavenly Father is perfect. I know for myself and for Peter, that we are not perfect in the sense of being sinless or blameless. What Jesus was saying in this verse was that we should strive for spiritual maturity in our lives.

Maturity is a choice, a process, and a journey. We can continue to choose the easy way out of situations. We can doubt, fear, curse, run, panic.

But God calls us to a higher plane of living. We weren’t made to be stagnant. Salvation was just the beginning of a lifelong walk with Christ. Through the brambles and across the deserts, He is with us. On the pinnacles and atop the peaks, He is with us. Every single step of the way, Jesus is by our side, spurring us to grow in our knowledge of and intimacy with Him.

I want to speak to those of you who feel a call on your life, and you have yet to see any fruit of it. God has not forgotten you. God has not abandoned you. God will not leave you where you are. But listen, spiritual maturity isn’t a microwaveable process.

If He is calling you to ministry of some sort, you need to know the up’s and down’s of life and personally understand that Christ is ALL you need.

If He is calling you to another city far from home, you need to know He alone is your dwelling place and refuge.

Whatever He is calling you into, please know that God doesn’t work on our schedule. We see from Peter’s zeal that he wanted to do the will of God and more, in his timing and his understanding. But often times we just need to open our hearts in the here and now. What can we learn from God in this difficult moment? What can we share with others about God’s glory in this miraculous moment?

What are you doing right now to grow in your faith?

Let me challenge you to pray for clarity and an honest evaluation of how we are living. Are we walking toward our destiny or are we deterred and distracted by worry and doubt?

In closing, I want us to notice one last thing. Peter didn’t write his letters before he met Jesus. He didn’t write them during Jesus’s ministry on earth. No, God inspired Peter’s heart in His perfect timing. Trust that.

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