101: Called to a new thing

Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee and saw two fishermen. The brothers Simon Peter and Andrew were doing their job. Fishing was their life’s work, and although it may not have been the perfect or the easiest occupation, they were comfortable in it.

They felt secure in having some sort of promised income. Everyone would always need to eat, so at least they could count on selling most of the product they’d spent all day acquiring. They were fishermen.

And then Jesus called out “Follow Me.” Two short but life-changing words.

But why, Jesus? Isn’t what I’m doing here a good thing? Aren’t I honoring You from where You have me at this very time? 

Come, Jesus says. Follow Me. 

But, Lord? Maybe You didn’t hear me. I’m serving You here. I’ve made a mark here, I thought you wanted me to do what I’m doing.

Come, He says again in patient authority. Follow Me. 

I can see the men in the boat abandon all their fears and doubts, setting them aside for the pursuit of a much higher call. Yes, they would be leaving what they had grown to know, but God had a different plan for their lives.

Had they ignored the call right then, they would have exchanged what was good for what was God. They could’ve smiled and waved from the sea saying “Maybe next time, Lord. I think we’re doing alright out here. Thanks though!” And Jesus would have walked by. They would’ve missed God.

Sometimes God calls us to a new thing, even though the old thing wasn’t bad. It was even good, to be fair.

Perhaps He’s leading you out of the job you feel comfortable in, or taking you away from the city you call home. Maybe He’s asking you to start a prayer group or to serve a couple nights during the week. Whatever He’s calling you to, you can let it pass by. He’s not going to shove His perfect plan on you because that’s not the God we serve. But can I say that in ignoring His call, we are telling God we know better than Him.

We are saying to the God who created us and Who sustains us that “Actually, I think I can handle this life thing better than You. So, thanks, but let me take it from here.” Refusing God when He says “follow Me” is not stemming from a place of humility but of disobedience and pride.

I know that’s not easy to swallow. And for months, I spat it back out. I thought I knew exactly what God wanted when in reality I was denying what I’d heard Him say.

He had told me loud and clear “No” with regard to a certain aspect of my life, and I still pushed for it. I pushed and pushed until I cracked. Then God could finally speak into my stubbornness and say “Now, dear child, follow Me.”

Don’t get to that point, friends. Don’t push God’s call away because He asks us to leave the comfort of the boat. His ways are so much higher than our own, and we can trust that He has a great plan and a perfect purpose. It won’t be easy. In fact, I can guarantee there will be many struggles. But God will be with you. You will be fighting from victory instead of for it. He’s a good Father, and it’s time we as His children, listen to His voice and leave our boats.

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