105: Wishing or working?

We want the body, but we don’t have the discipline to exercise and eat healthily.

We want the career, but we aren’t willing to put in the time to better your resume or apply.

We want the degree, but we complain every time we are given an assignment that requires something greater of us.

We want the relationship, but we don’t want to sacrificial aspect of it.

We want the platform, but we don’t want to start with what God has given us in the here and now.

Proverbs 18:9 tells us the man (or woman) who is slack in their work is related to the person who destroys.

When I first read this verse I felt my spirit move, prompt me to reread and respond.

The man who isn’t willing to make an effort is as ineffective and regressive as the person who destroys. When we spend our time wishing for something miraculous to happen, and we aren’t willing to do our part, we are wasting our time. God has equipped us with the resources to progress, but if we do nothing with what He’s given us, why do we expect Him to move?

I remember someone telling me in the recent past that a book won’t write itself. If I want to be an author, if I want to be a women’s minister, if I want [fill in the blank here] then some amount of work is required. No one is going to write the book God has placed in my heart. If I want to see His name glorified in my work, I actually have to work.

Books and ministries, careers and relationships don’t just pop up out of thin air and sustain themselves with no energy required. No! All good things require diligence and self-discipline, they call something out of us.

What is God calling out of you, and how are you working toward it? Are you spending more time wishing it would happen or working to make things happen? I’m not saying that waiting on the Lord is wrong or that we should slave away at various things we are passionate about. I am saying, however, that God is a rewarder of those who are faithful with what He has given them.

How are you investing your talents, gifts, and abilities?

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