107: In the victories

David was finally being recognized as king, his time with destiny had come. Left and right, David and his armies were conquering kingdoms and reclaiming land. God had His hand on all that David did for the nation of Israel.

There was absolutely nothing standing in this king’s way.

In his triumphs, David could’ve forgotten God. It wouldn’t necessarily have been an intentional action, but he could’ve become lost in the praises of the people, the offerings of those conquered. And no one would’ve thought anything of it.

Didn’t David deserve the congratulations and the commendations for all he had achieved? He had fought for his kingship and suffered many ordeals along the way. He had been a man on the run, fleeing for his life. But now, he was finally where he was supposed to be–leading as ruler of the nation God had given him.

David was given much gold and treasure by the people of the lands he and his armies had acquired. In this, however, David dedicated all that was bestowed upon him to the God Who had brought him to this point.

He realized that had it not been for God, he wouldn’t have been where he was. Those victories he was celebrating were only because the hand of God was over his life. David knew who the true glory belonged to.

That didn’t mean that David refused every gift that was offered to him. Instead, he praised God and pointed the glory back to Him for everything he received. He knew whose hands these treasures actually came from.

When we experience victory, my friends, who do we point the glory back to? Do we fake modesty and all the while revel in what we think we’ve accomplished in and of ourselves? Or do we recognize without God we are futile beings, and He is the one who gives freely to us?

It can be easy to say when you haven’t achieved that victory yet that you’ll undoubtedly point all the glory back to God. But it’s what you do in the actual victory that counts.

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