Stepping back & Tuning in

The world can get pretty loud at times. We have this and that constantly vying for our attention. Chores that need to get done, assignments with a due date, and obligations lingering above us everywhere we go.

Our lives can become so bogged down by business and noise that we begin to put our relationship with Jesus on the back-burner. It’s not that we don’t want to develop our walk with Him, but we feel so overwhelmed by the other things in our lives that we often neglect our quiet time with the Holy Spirit.

I know it may not always be possible or feasible to pick up a weekend bag and get away, but I do strongly suggest doing something like it. Sometimes it takes stepping back from the hustle to be able to tune in the Father. He never leaves us, but we can drown His voice out with our own concerns and troubles.

Mark 6:46 says “After bidding them farewell, He left for the mountain to pray.”

You see, Jesus went to a place alone with the Lord. He encouraged His disciples to go on ahead of Him, to cross to the other side of Bethsaida. In the meantime, after Jesus had sent the crowds away, He went to a place of silence to rekindle His relationship with the Father.

If Jesus needed personal and private time with God Almighty, how much more do we desperately need to spend intentional moments in intimate communication with the Lord?

As a flower will eventually wilt and fade after being removed from the nutrients of the soil and water, so too will we spiritually decay if we don’t actively pursue depth and consistency in our walks.

You may not be able to pack up a bag and go somewhere for the weekend with the Lord, but I do implore you to find an hour or more where you just spend unhindered time with God. Get off social media, stop looking at your phone every second, and just learn to be still in His presence. He wants to speak to us, but we need to practice self-control and discipline if we want to hear His voice.

He is worthy of all our time and affection because it is through Him we are saved, and not of ourselves. Thank Him today for who He is, and still yourself in the glory of the King.

2 thoughts on “Stepping back & Tuning in

  1. Thank you Ashley. This hit the nail on the head. With being caregivers to my brother in law with Alzheimer’s it seems my plate has gotten bigger with the things I “need” to do in a day. I’m at the point my plate feels as if it’s starting to break and I know if I don’t step back and spend intentional time with the almighty God, my plate will crack & break. Again thank you Ashley for your beautiful expression of love and the words God wants you to share with others. Have a blessed day (guess it’s almost night there!)
    Carol Bashor

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Carol! You will never know how much they mean! I truly appreciate how God uses us all to lift one another up<3


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