Where’s your faith?

When we get in the car every morning for work, we trust that we will get to our destination safely.

When we sit in our chairs, we believe we will find a sturdy place.

When we eat food, we are confident it will satisfy our hunger and not be dangerous to consume.

Throughout the course of our lives and even in the 24-hours of our day, we put our hope in a lot of different things. In order to live, we must.

Psalm 146:3-4 reads,

Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.

His spirit departs, he returns to the earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

In these verses of Scripture we are told that man is frail. Our time on this earth is finite, our days numbered. When we pass from this earth, our thoughts leave with us. I’m not saying this to be morbid or sound downhearted, but I want us to get this.

As men and women claiming to be disciples of the One and Only God, we put our faith in a lot of things that have no eternal worth.

While it’s undoubtedly necessary to have put a certain amount of trust in the people and things we interact with daily, it’s also a dangerous balancing game.

The psalmist tells us not to put our faith in the temporary. Our friends and family, our leaders and counselors, will disappoint us. At one time or another, we will be hurt by those we love and esteem.

Our bank account will never satisfy us, and it could be wiped clean in the blink of an eye. Our careers can only get us so far, and what if the Lord led you to leave? Would you have more faith in the known or in the King?

The problem comes in when we place our trust in menial things of this world, but we never fully put our trust in God.

Oh, I trust Him with my life. That’s why I’m not moving to that new place I felt Him calling me to. I have a secure job right here. He couldn’t really want me to leave. 

My life is in God’s hands, but let me hold onto this relationship. I know I should probably be letting go, but I love him too much. 

And the list goes on. We claim to trust God, but our lives and our actions reflect an entirely different declaration. We say one thing, and we live another.

Our trust and our faith should be found at the foot of the Cross. No one and no thing can ever satiate the God-sized hole in our beings like God. We can try to find peace in our income or our white-picket fence, but I guarantee you, these things will only provide the illusion of satisfaction.

Without the foundation of faith in Christ, we are trusting in things that are temporary and ill-suited for the role of Savior. There is only one Cross, one Death, one Resurrection, and one Ascension.

Father, thank You for who You are. Our constant King, and heavenly Father. You know the stars by name, and still You care how many hairs are on my head. May I never lose sight of Your power and Your love, O Rock and Redeemer. And when I am tempted to put my faith in the things I can see, I pray I am reminded of Your infinite lovingkindness. You alone are worthy of my worship and my life. 


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