He is constant

2 Timothy 2:13 reads,

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.”

We look at the world around us where love can be interpreted as “what do you want from me?” and joy has been degraded to a feeling, to something entirely dependent upon circumstance.

Life is a competition. We are in a race to succeed, pushing anyone and everyone out of our way who might hinder our accomplishment. Although we might never say as much, we live in a cut-throat world.

We must live up to a certain list of expectations if we are to get anywhere. We must meet a certain criteria, reach a certain standard. We abide under the burden of rush and business that we view things through a distorted lens. We’ve been hurt and scarred, so our perspective takes the fall.

But in saying all of this, how many of us (if we’re being honest) would say we still put our faith in the temporary?

Our bank accounts, our careers, our friends’ opinions, our family’s expectations, that man, that woman, our abilities.

We’ve become so conditioned to focus on the here and the now, what we can touch with our hands and see with our eyes, that we’ve lost sight of what’s most important.

We will never be able to please everybody, so we can go ahead and cross that off our list. Our bank account could be wiped out in a second, our jobs lost in the blink of an eye. Things change. Time passes, old seasons pass and new ones arise.

But like in our verse today from 2 Timothy, we are given the hopeful reminder that God is constant.

We may fail, and we may fall. We may make mistakes, and we may mess up. But even when we prove ourselves to be faithless creatures, God is constant. He doesn’t change according to society’s demands or the pressing of the population. Our God is immovable, unshaken, transcendent.

So, instead of looking at the world and wanting to honor their thoughts, their desires, their expectations, begin to refocus and recenter your attention on the unfailing Lord. He asks us to come to Him just as we are, broken and bleeding, wounded and weeping. He wants us regardless of how much money we make, how much we’ve fallen short, how low we’ve gone.

He wants me, and He wants you.

Come to Him today, offering your life to Him again. Laying everything at His feet and letting the Lord guide you in the way He would have you to go. We can put our faith in Him. He will never fail us, He will not abandon us or leave us to flounder on our own. God, the Creator and King, loved us before we were ever born. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins generations before our great-grandparents were even considered.

He cares for you, has compassion on You. Place the foundation of your faith in the Potter’s hands and allow Him to mold you.


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