First things first

I think it’s all too easy to read the Psalms and write them off as being pretty poetics instead of powerful proclamations. Psalm 116:9 is a bold declaration of the psalmist where he lays the foundation for his life. He writes,

I shall walk before the Lord in the land of the living. 

He will walk before the Lord in this world. He will live his life in a way that honors God and points others back to Him.

First things first. What or who we love we prioritize. If we value family, we will allot time to be with them. We will look forward to the moments we spend with them.

If we value our jobs we will arrive on time and work to the fullest of our abilities. We will go above and beyond, working diligently to show others how much you care.

Period. What you care about will be reflected in how you live day to day.

If we claim to love God but we continually put Him on the back-burner, our words are just that…words. They don’t have any true depth or meaning. They are simply spoken things that we haven’t made the effort to bring to being. We’re content with saying one thing and living something entirely different.

I want it to be a simple choice for you, brothers and sisters. Make the declaration to walk before the Lord, to lead a life that glorifies Him and puts Him above all else. How can we love if we love of ourselves? We are finite beings with limited ability.

God is timeless and His power is endless. When we live through Him, when we put Him first, we can draw on His goodness and be able to love people more fully and live more intentionally.

We can try to do things in and of ourselves, but I can guarantee that sooner or later our strength will prove insufficient.

Press into God this morning. Don’t go into His presence or read His Word with the hopes of being blessed but rather for the ultimate pleasure of getting to know Him. Learn to love His heart more than you love His hand.

He is faithful and sure. We can take the first step by making the decision to walk in His ways.

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