We said “Yes, Lord”

What I’ve learned about travelling is that if you say “yes” to a place, to an adventure, you’re also saying “yes” to the things that come with it.

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a couple days in London with my friend. We decided several months ago that we would go and see John Mayer. In making that initial arrangement, we consequently had to make a lot of “yes” choices along the way.

-We would stay at _________.

-We would allot this amount to transportation.

-We would get a souvenir from our time at the concert.

In saying “yes” to the big idea, we also had to say “yes” to many small ideas as well. That’s just how things work.

Matthew 6:10 says, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done.”

In this passage of Scripture Jesus is teaching His disciples how to pray. He is guiding them on how to have deep fellowship with the Father. In verse 10, we see that Jesus instructed the disciples to pray God’s will.

He didn’t say pray our will, or the will of a person we consider to be really good. No, Jesus says “Your [God] kingdom come, Your [God] will be done.”

When we pray these words, we are saying “yes” to Jesus and to His moving in our lives. If you’ve already made the decision to become a disciple of Christ, then you’ve said the biggest yes of your life. But the prayer’s purpose doesn’t end there.

Sometimes we are willing to say “yes” when it comes to the larger things.

“Yes, Lord. I will go into ministry.”

“Yes, Lord. I will be a spouse.”

“Yes, Lord. I will go into the nations to serve you.”

In theory, we would classify ourselves as obedient. I mean, aren’t we saying “Yes, Lord” after all. But when it comes to us following through in what God has called us to, we fail miserably. We want the end goal without the training. We want the prize without the pain. We want the results without the refining.

We say “Yes, Lord”, but our lives don’t reflect this proclamation in the small, everyday things. We ask for much, but we don’t prove ourselves faithful in the little.

The Lord wants to use us for His beautiful purpose, but His moving in our lives is limited to how much we are willing to let Him. He won’t force His plans upon you but missing them can and will cost you your destiny and your life.

We need to stop playing with Christianity, saying one thing and living another. Be faithful in the small. Learn the Father’s voice and follow Him, even if it doesn’t always make sense. Read the Word and learn His heart. Say “yes” to Him in every single part of your life.

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