One of the things I’ve noticed about living in a moderately sized city is that it’s rare for you to see a familiar face in the crowd.

Growing up in a fairly small town and then going to a university where you could recognize if not name at least 3/4 of the people you saw on campus, I wasn’t accustomed to this incredibly different style of living.

You may see someone only once your entire time there. Your first impression may be your only. When this realization donned on me, I began to mull over my time in Nottingham. Have I been a light everywhere I’ve been? Have I reflected the love of Jesus Christ on the streets as much as in my favorite cafes? Is my character consistent from the church to the campus?

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus says “You are the light of the world; a city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Sometimes I think we as Christians don’t truly believe that discipleship is a lifestyle, not just a Sunday sermon. Evangelism is not merely entrusted to the preachers behind the podiums or the ministers on the mission field.

When you make the decision to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, you are adopted into ministry. Your mission field? The city you live in, the community you’re surrounded by.

We think that in order to serve God we must make some sort of grand gesture by moving to ____________ (insert country here) and become a martyr. Yes, we might be called to that, but even if we’re not, that doesn’t exempt us from living a life worthy of the kingdom of God.

When you go to get your oil changed or go grocery shopping, what’s your attitude? How do you treat the waitress of the restaurant you go to each Sunday after church? Who do you associate yourself with? How do you interact with your coworkers and bosses?

You see, every day we are on our mission field. Our actions and attitudes do count. How we live does matter.

I remember whenever we would go on a field trip in elementary school our teachers would always tell us to “leave things better than you found them.”

Brothers and sisters, I believe we need to adopt this mindset. We don’t know how long the Lord will keep us in a certain place or community. We need to begin to live intentionally, to daily proclaim the grace God extends to those who would repent and trust in Him.

He is more than worthy of our lives. We are a city on a hill, so it’s time to stop hiding ourselves and start honoring God.

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