Whose you are

While some people may ease through times of transition or silence with all grandeur and ease, I find these seasons to be especially challenging. Granted, I’ve been through many and I understand that life is full of these times, but I’m not going to lie and say they’re easy to manage. It’s hard, messy, and sometimes just downright frustrating. You are intellectually familiar with the attributes of God, but your spirit still aches because the knowledge seems distant rather than intimate.

When I don’t know who God is, I suffer from identity crisis. If I say He is good, but I allow seeds of doubt and insecurity to abide in my heart, I am not holding fast to the truth. I am stating fact, but I am living fear.

Brothers and sisters, we cannot continue to live in the facade of peace and patience when all the while our spirits reflect and harbor a very different attitude. If we are fearing, that means we have allowed the deception of the enemy and of the flesh to take root in our lives. These roots strangle and suffocate, kill and destroy.

Once we truly begin to take time to sit at the Father’s feet and learn from Him, we will see His heart. He is not trying to hide His character from us. Our God wants to pursue an intimate relationship with us, but He will not force this upon us. We must choose God for ourselves, and do so everyday, second-by-second. We have to seek Him daily and allow Him to grow us.

We need to dig into the Word and see who God says we are. Once we realize who we are in Him, we will begin to perceive the world and our purpose through an entirely new lens, one undistorted by pain or fear.

When we made the decision to become disciples of the one and only God, we became His children. Do you get that? He didn’t make us His slaves and force us into lives of misery and bondage. Instead, He liberated us from the power of sin and set us on a new path of freedom and faith.

Romans 8:16 reads “The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God.”

We are His children, heirs of the Almighty Lord. We do not have to live in a perpetual state of identity crisis because we have our identity in and through Him. We don’t have to live this life in doubt and worry because we have a Father Who has created us with purpose and power. Today I pray that the Lord reminds you of who you are in Him personally. Your calling may not look like mine or your friend’s or family member’s, but I can guarantee that God loves you uniquely and values just who you are. You do not have to force His love but rather we can bask in the brilliant assurance of His heart for us as we continue to walk in His ways and chase after Him with all of our being. Amen

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