Where we are

Toward the end of my time in the United Kingdom, I made several different outings to cities I wanted to visit. On one particular trip, my friend and I went to Cardiff, Wales. We decided not to use the bus systems as everything was pretty much in walking distance. Because we walked so much, the city soon began to feel familiar. We knew where that Tesco was in location to our destination. We could remember that street name that meant we were about ten minutes from the house.

At first, walking around a fairly large (and new) city felt intimidating. The first time I went on a trip by myself, I was nervous I would get lost. However, by being intentional about remembering certain locations and landmarks, I was able to navigate. The more I did this, the more confidence I had. So, by the time I went on the trip to Cardiff, I had a strong self-assurance that my friend and I could reach our multiple destinations with little to no problem.

Just as we can determine our physical locations, so God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us determine our spiritual locations. Sometimes I believe we are blindsided by changes in our lives because we are not in tune with our GPS. God has given us the Holy Spirit and His Word to help us navigate through this life and to thrive spiritually. But more often than not, we ignore His help. We are hardened by past hurts or so wrapped up in the future we’ve decided that we no longer know where we stand in relation to the King of kings.

Brothers and sisters, this is no way to live. We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every day. Every moment. We need Him. If we aren’t opening our hearts or our ears to His voice, we are walking around a brand new city blind-folded, without any prior knowledge, and expecting to stumble into what we’re looking for. The probabilities of success and safety are minimal.

We become complacent, content to stumble and fumble through seasons, hoping the next turn will give you the breakthrough you’ve been silently hoping for. We get discouraged when God doesn’t work in our timing, and we grow frustrated when we go around that same old mountain yet another time.

So then, we stop. We don’t know where we’re going, we don’t know where we are. We are lost. We become ineffective for the Kingdom, and we start to backtrack. At least we feel comfortable doing that.

Galatians 6:9 reads “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”

I want to remind you today that the Lord has not forgotten about you. He has not left you to scrounge through this season alone. He has given you the Holy Spirit, our Comfort and Friend, and His Word, the Bible, to help direct us. But if we don’t have continual fellowship with the Spirit and if we do not spend time in the Word, how can we expect to know the Spirit’s voice? In order to hear His directions, we must spend time with Him. He has not moved, we have.

Come back to Him, dear one. He loves you and longs to lead you through where you are to where He’s called you to be.


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