Hitting Where It Hurts

Rule #8: “Press straight into an enemy’s vitals, and destroy the means by which he can resist.” (pg. 180)

We can speak of God’s faithfulness to our coworkers on Monday and sing about His goodness on Sundays, but if our knowledge of these things only extends to a place of intellect instead of intimacy, we may as well still be floundering around. I know from personal experience that when you are in the middle of a silent season or a bout of confusion, it can be all too easy to lean on the intellectual truth we have come to learn.

We know in our hearts that God loves us. We know in our minds that His plans are still to prosper. We know in our spirits that He hasn’t forgotten about or forsaken us. But intellectual knowledge only goes so far. We can know something is true, but it isn’t until we’ve experienced something first hand that we have intimate knowledge of it.

Having unwavering faith in God doesn’t come from our having good intentions or intellectual assurance that He cares. No, faith is developed when we’ve been through the hills and valleys and have realized firsthand that God is all we have and He is all we need.

Once we begin to know His character through the studying of Scripture, listening to sermons (and comparing them to the Word of God to avoid false teaching), singing praises to His name, and seeking Him in prayer, then our understanding transfers from surface-level to soul-lifting.

Isaiah 7:9b reads, “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” Through the prophet Isaiah, God was telling King Ahaz not to fear the nations that were coming against him. God promised to make Ahaz firm in the face of his enemies if he would be established, unyielding, unwavering, steadfast, and obedient in his faith. God was not giving Ahaz an overwhelming, impossible task but rather asked of him what He asks of us today.

Have faith.

Having faith in God when circumstances are muddled and situations are impossible is such a powerful weapon against the enemy and our flesh. You see, the enemy wants to destroy you, and if he can’t do that, he wants to distract you. But if we come at him and onto the spiritual battleground with firm faith in God’s provision and covenant love, we are hitting the enemy where it hurts. If we are rooted in Christ, his schemes may delay or deter us for a moment, but we quickly recognize spiritual warfare for what it is, and we seek God even more passionately.

Strengthen yourself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6) and remember He is faithful even when we are faithless.

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