No Surrender, No Retreat

Rule #9: Block the enemy’s retreat.

When I read about this rule, I felt the Lord speak to me so clearly: “No surrender, no retreat.” A bold declaration of how I ought to walk with Him, how He desired for me to live in Him. I wasn’t merely being called to ignore or rebuke the enemy, I was called to block his retreat.

Sometimes I believe the way we live and the things we speak entertain the enemy. He hears us say one thing about faith and then abide in fear the rest of the day. We declare his defeat, but we live in a perpetual state of the same. We go into battle with boldness, but when things don’t turn out the way we planned or the engagement is prolonged beyond the point of comfort, we begin to kindly request our enemy leave. We turn from a place of confidence in the Lord to a place of comfort-seeking in our own strength.

I want to tell you today, that “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people both now and forevermore.” (Psalm 125:2) God surrounds us with His might. He won the victory for us through His perfect sacrifice on the cross. We don’t have to trudge into battle with our heads down and our tails between our legs. We are victorious in Him. We have conquered through the blood of Jesus Christ. But are we fighting this way?

Instead of calling on the matchless power of the Holy Spirit inside us to drive out the enemy, we try to ensure his defeat on our own and end up compromising rather than completing our mission. We forget the strength of the cross, the resurrection power that flows through our veins.

We have got to stop accepting false surrenders, compromises, or retreats from the enemy of our soul. If we give him an inch in our lives, you can be assured he will start to run the show. We will be the ones who retreat, kicking up dust and pain in our wake. God is our defender, our fulfillment, and joy.

Stop entertaining the devil. Stop giving him the authority to control the happenings on the battlefield. Call on the Lord and allow Him to refresh your discouraged spirit. At the name of Jesus, the enemy must flee. Whatever he fights you with in your life, pray that we would surrender all of ourselves to the Lord. That doesn’t mean more skirmishes won’t come but rather that we will find our peace and security in the power of God instead of the weakness of our flesh.

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