Stroke at a Weak Spot

Rule #11: Stroke at a Weak Spot


While I may not always be the most organized or plan-oriented person, I do like to have a general idea of direction and goal. I am not the sort of individual to thrive under open schedules or too much free time. My strength is found in structure.

I used to think that since the enemy knew this was a weakness of mine that he would use this knowledge to his advantage. While I don’t doubt that he has exploited this truth in the past or will choose to abuse this insight in the future, I don’t believe that he is always the one putting me in the middle of a wait.

In addition to appreciating organization and structure, I also have the tendency to be a very strong-minded, independent individual. I don’t shy away from tasks that require solitude or solo work. In fact, I thrive in places where I know things are left up to me. I’ve never been one much for teamwork.

1 Corinthians 1:27 “but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong.”

In my flesh, I am strong. But God doesn’t want me to be strong in and of myself. He knows in the long run that my extended foresight and ample understanding would cause me to trust in me instead of Him. He doesn’t just want a piece of me. He wants my whole heart, my complete spirit, my entire being.

Lately, He has been convicting me of my tendency to try and predict/plan the future without Him. I plan and prepare, overthink and worry. All the while, I push God to the side and say “I know how to handle this better on my own.”

But I don’t. You don’t. We don’t.

Our strength is weakness in His purpose and plans. He wants us to rely on Him and His power to provide. God wants us to realize that He is who He said He is. God. Sustainer. Lord. King. Shepherd. Friend. Comforter. Savior. Provider. Mighty Warrior.

If we want to win this battle for our souls and to emerge from this life as victorious champions, we’ve got to allow God to strike at our weak spots. If you feel like you’ve been around this mountain over and over, stop and pray. We need to learn how to start passing these tests. We can’t do it in and of ourselves but rather through His mighty power. God wants us to grow and mature.

Growth doesn’t come from comfort but from circumstances and counsel. Allow Him to guide you into the unknown and trust Him to lead you through it. Close your eyes and learn to walk by faith and not by sight, to lean on His wisdom instead of your understanding. He’s got this.

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