For those that follow

Paul saw the hand of God all over Timothy’s life. Although Timothy was young, Paul did not use that figure or the fact that he was half-Gentile to discredit the God-given anointing over this budding pastor’s life.

1 Timothy 3:14 reads, “I am writing these things to you, hoping to come to you before long”. Even when Paul could not be physically present with Timothy, he did all in his power to help guide this young man in his God-honoring pursuits. Paul wrote two informative letters to Timothy as encouragement and as insight to keep him both full and wise.

As I go through the different stages of life, the Lord impresses it on my spirit more and more that mentorship is something so key, and yet often nonexistent, in the church.

I think we have developed the mind-frame of complete self-sufficiency. Oh, sure. We’ll show up to church and make friends, but when it comes to transparent living and edifying relationships, we avoid those like the plague. We know we need help from fellow Christians in our navigating of this crazy life, but we would rather stumble through blindly than walk through in honest companionship with others.

The generation below you want to learn from you. You may never hear those words cross their lips, but trust me when I say, they want to hear your story.

When I was in England, I told my young adult pastor that I wanted a mentor. At my home church I could name at least five women who were what I considered mentors, or church-moms. They were present and willing to help guide me through experiences they had already endured.

Also, the generation above you have so much to teach. I believe in my heart that Timothy would have been a good pastor on his own. He was appointed and anointed by God. There was no denying his call to the ministry.

But Timothy was able to develop at a different level in his calling through the wisdom and leadership of Paul. Paul had already been there. He had seen what worked and what didn’t. His experience was edifying and educational to Timothy.

The generations both before and after us have value. It’s not just about you and what you can get from them. How can you serve the future of this world by ministering to the youth, and how can you serve the foundation of this world by being the sword-bearers of past and present prayer warriors?

One thought on “For those that follow

  1. I LOVE my church and church family. They are more family to me than my family is (minus husband and children). We have few children in our church but the ones we do have are precious. Do they behave? Do they listen? No, not as much as we would like. 99% of them come from broken homes and parents won’t come. We are going to try to start a children’s mission group this fall. Please pray for that and to get more younger families in our church. As for the older generation, I would do anything for them. I have been with two of our elderly woman in their last few months on earth and helped to take care of them. I am helping another couple to take care of a 91year old gentleman. I have asked our church to start a group to go to those no longer well enough to come to church. They already feel like they are abandoned by the world and I refuse to let them feel that way about our church. They were the ones that took care of the church and we need to give back to them. Have a blessed day. May God continue to bless you and your family!

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