His life began to change when his father insisted they set out for Canaan, leaving behind the familiar pagan lifestyle of Ur he had formerly known. Abram and his family began with good intentions: They would leave their past land and sojourn into new territory. But then they stopped.

Genesis 11:31 reads, “But when they came to Harran, they settled there.”

Even though their hearts were settled on Canaan, they were quick to compromise for and settle in Harran. This wasn’t their destination. This wasn’t the place where Abram was supposed to be.

That’s why in Genesis 12:1, the Lord says to Abram “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”

God was calling Abram to have faith. God was telling Abram to go.

So many of us hear that word and shudder. Go entails moving, working, leaving. It means abandoning what is known and familiar for that which is unknown and unfamiliar. It requires something of ourselves that we cannot produce in and of ourselves. Going demands trusting.

Trust is not something innate to our DNA. Trust is something that takes purposeful determination to impart, but it is something that God requires of us. If we are to do His will, we have to trust in His heart and have faith in His purpose.

Abram had lived in a land full of pagan practices and idolatrous beliefs, but when God told him to go, he understood the power and authority of Who was speaking to him. Abram knew that serving this God in a different land was vastly better than serving himself and false gods in the same land. Going was worth releasing.

Sometimes God calls us to go in different ways. Yes, He may ask some of us to leave our country to serve Him, but for many of us He asks that we abandon self to seek Him. We must leave our spiritual Ur and our spiritual Harran to pursue the promises of Canaan. God will not force us to leave our comfort zones, but in staying there we are relinquishing many beautiful opportunities to grow and develop.

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